We are queuing to take off suddenly all the planes in front of me disappear I decide to move on and I get a violation 2
Cmon guys this is a n infinite flight technical problem fix it first before give us penalties after all it’s a game and we pay for it
It’s not fun at all


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Sorry to hear of your misfortunes. Not saying there is a lot of server issues and when there is, they are usually reported rather quick. The staff team is always working hard to make sure the servers are running smoothly. A lot of times, this is a result of a poor connection on your end. It is quite important that you do have a good connection.

Yes, you do pay for the sub but the expert server also does have rules and the rules do need to be followed. Paying for a sub isn’t exclusive to the Expert server only. It is rather a privilege.

If you feel your violation was not justified, please contact the @appeals team to appeal the violation. Here is also some more information regarding appeals as well. How to Find and Contact an IFATC Controller Regarding Feedback and Appeals


Maybe its your internet that glitched for a second, it happens to me sometimes too.

Same, just stay still and wait until you have a green check mark in the corner, or the planes load in. Even if you hold up lots of players, it’s better to be safe and not getting a violation. The only time you might move is if atc tells you to line up. This happens because you might get randomly disconnected. This can be wrong tho

I align with Rick here as this is the responsible course of action for you right now given your predicament- no matter the objective verdict.

Regardless of the outcome, in order for any headway to be made, you must contact our appeals team or contact the controller. I can assure you our team at IFATC is here to assist you to the best of our ability.

I’m happy to answer any questions about the user guide or our Expert Server in my DMs.


Welcome to the community.

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