Is thereat way to view my total number of violations and ghostings up to this point?

Is there a way rather…

Spawn at KLAX Casual Server now and I will let you know.

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Yes, you can go to your account info on the live section in IF, and you can see them there

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Only for the last 3 days.

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You can view your total number of violations on LiveFlight. Simply start a flight in Live and click your airplane icon and your stats will show.

For ghostings, however, you may need to contact an expert server moderator.


My apologies

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I tried that and couldn’t find it.

FYI , you are able to click a little pencil icon under you post to edit your post if you made any mistakes. I know i use it a lot !

Or use liveflight.

Thats why :)

I found it, but it says I only have 23 violations since I started and I’m on the verge of making grade 5! That can’t be right! 😆

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