do IFATC required to warn before playing a violation for user ?

Or are they free to do what ever they want ?

They aren’t free to do whatever they want, but they certainly have the right to give you a violation without warning if you break the rules of the expert server.

At some point a training server flight pilot has to come to expert server . But he might do some mistakes . Do you think that pilot should be warned .? Or given a violation that lasts for a year ?

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I mean if you are qualified to fly on the expert server then rules are rules so yes, a one year violation is fair if you think about it. Mistakes happen but we learn from our mistakes :)

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When a pilot enters the expert server, it is recommended that you read the Infinite Flight User Guide. On the expert server, you are expected to fly professionally and follow all instructions. Not doing this can degrade the efficiency of traffic and can lead to subsequent violations.

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Totally agreed .but no all pilots are going to execute a near perfection maneuver in the expert server . Lot of factors come into play like the type of aircraft and the vague instruction by the ATC sometimes even though the pilot has a perfect planned flight to the landing strip ? .

Situation . F-22 fighter jet in which a slight throttle adjustment will push you to 200kts while closing on the approach. Imagine getting a violation the next minute while you are trying to control the speed and altitude. Rather than gettin a warning wheee you could safely exit the game to not create distractions for other pilots on the approach.

Sorry to bust the bubble . But literally I have a friend who did make it to the expert server in a week . Even DAN has videos of how to become expert in a week on YouTube . It literally has no value at all and anybody with a little brain can become an expert server flyer .

je ne suis pas sûr, mais peut-être

rules are rules 🤷

Quels sont les facteurs déterminants lorsqu’un avertissement est émis et lorsqu’une infraction est émise ?

When is a warning issues and when is a violation issued ?

si vous ne suivez pas les règles

si je ne respecte pas les règles. la première étape est-elle une violation ou un avertissement ?

dans mon cas. L’ATC ne m’a pas prévenu du tout. je viens de me gifler parce que j’essayais de contrôler mon vol. et c’est drôle, je suis un vrai pilote en formation. pensez-vous qu’il est juste de m’envoyer un avertissement ?

Usually if the airspace is not busy, the controller issues a warning to the pilots and still if the pilot fails to adhere to the instructions, etc they can report.

However if it is during extreme heavy traffic and the pilot behaviors very absurd, then they will just report as 1 pilot can mess everything up especially when it come to Radar Controllers.


Absolutely love the reply . During a regular traffic I received a direct violation from the IFATC and for the appeals I never got a reply for the violation that was issued directly rather got a vague response stating that my flight was unprofessional. I am am still asking why I got no warning ,( in which case I would happily exit the sever to cause no disturbance to other players. ) and just got slapped with a violation that lasts for a year !

Ps. Situation was a F-22 slight increase in speed during final approach as the approach was visual and getting j stable .got a violation while I was correcting speed and altitude without a warning )

Before the “IFATC Bad, Appeals Team mean” train starts to set off, how about I give people perspective on what goes on behind the scenes that 99% of users don’t know about.

No one is required to give a warning before a violation is issued, full stop. Leniency can be shown during low traffic situations, but again, it depends on what the pilot is doing. If a controller deems the action of the pilot poor enough to bypass a warning (regardless of traffic levels), it will be done as such.

When you appeal a violation, your conduct for the entire flight is taken into account by our team, not just the violation itself. If you have a flawless or nearly flawless flight leading up to the violation, 9/10 times you’ll get a courtesy removal. If your replay shows you flying in a fashion unsuitable for ES, 9/10 times you’re keeping the violation. Of course, genuine mishaps or lack of knowledge can play in your favour, but poor airmanship generally won’t.

I provided you a decently thorough reason in your appeal why I denied your request to have the violation removed. There’s no need to go public because you disagreed with my decision. Bringing in external opinions, especially from those uninvolved, makes everything more unnecessarily complicated.


Correction . I never meant “IFATC bad or mean train “ I wanted to be a IFATC MYSELF just because of the quality of the judgement provided. I wanted to discuss with other players if my situation was right or wrong regarding the violation rather than the ATC giving me a warning . Please do not try to villianify my thread . I am being respectful of discussion and meaning no harm .
Also when it goes to appeal . IFATC gave a violation for a particular situation , not an entire flight . So when the appeals team is reviewing will it make sense to review the situation or the entire flight ?

Not exactly. We do look at the situation as a whole. However, we also look at the events leading up to the violation. This could be your takeoff, cruise, and Initial descent. Those factors can and do play a part in our decision. It is best that you fly professionally throughout your entire flight. As @ToasterStroodie mentioned, leniency can be shown if good flight conduct is proved sufficiently leading up to it.