Hey guys I just want to know if entering a runway without permission is a violation?

The atc was busy so I had to get in the runway


Violation Reasons | Infinite Flight


On the Expert Server yes. On the Training Server, it can only result in a violation if the controller has a moderator status.

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IFATC members are not allowed to control on the training server

*Training server

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Whoops just fixed it, thanks

Yeah, I meant mod status lol.

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Beyond just the disregard of ATC instructions, entering the runway without permission can ruin others flights (for realism’s sake), and cause (digital, thankfully) accidents to happen.

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If you’re on expert server (and for good practice, training server) you should always wait for the ATC instructions, regardless of how busy the frequency is. Especially critical instructions like entering a runway, taking off, or landing.

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Even if the ATC is busy never enter the RWY without permission. Just request your departure again. But please don’t request again after 30 seconds. Its better to wait few minutes and then request again

Thank you for helping me because I quite don’t know other violations since I am new to the expert server, and I’ll be careful next time :)

Hey guys,

Event I am new to the expert server… Couldn’t anyone quickly summarize the types of violations which a user can get?

I seriously don’t want a level 3 violation within the risk week of being in the expert server lol…


Here is a section in the user manual that outlines violations. I suggest taking a look at the user manual for sure!

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But a mod or ATC supervisor will not issue reports on the training server. Since violations are reserved for the expert server. The most that would happen and has happened is a simple disconnection (not violation) during an ATC test if a user is interfering with a test.


I can get a Level 2 violation for taxiing on grass?;when I was starting here I got reported by system, but after 2 months checked my logbook and now says reported by a supervisor

Training server

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Doesn’t show it on my end you had a flight on TS on that day.

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Oh, I remember switching the training server but alright

Just checked your account.
It was on May 11th 2022 and it was on Expert Server :)


Thanks for the info 😊

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