Hi I need help as I can’t fly on the training section for pilots cause it says I need to get a grade 2 to use the training area when I got it. I think it is due to my violations I don’t know how to get rid of a violation please can someone help me.


Do you have the grade 2 requirements?

A screenshot of your grade table should help in determining what is preventing you from being Grade 2.

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I do I don’t know why I can’t play on the training action here is my table please can you help me.

If you look in the grade 2 column, the orange numbers are showing you what is hindering you from reaching grade two. Violations are not an issue - you need more flight time and 5 landings on the casual server to reach grade 2. Pretty easy requirements!


Thanks I have been battling for a year on it thanks

Do some patterns for the landings and a nice ~2:30 hour flight and you should be pretty set. Just remember to stay on top of the landings and hours, and keep all violation numbers low. Before you know it you’ll be up to grade 3 on the expert server!

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Hi, the easiest and most fun way to achieve your landings and flight time are take yourself on a medium haul (for me, EGLL-LFPG-1 hour) when you get to LFPG, do a few touch and goes (maybe 3) that should be 1.5 hours, maybe more flight time. Then fly the return and do the same.

Hey! Those are a really cool stats mate: keep going in that way an try to don’t get violations, like the rest of us.

Do some quick touch-and-go’s for landings, and some flights for hours. And keep those violations low!

Happy flying!

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