If I get over the 365 does that mean I can’t play in expert for one year?

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Hello! Can you kindly, please explain what you mean by this? I can explain something here if this is what you are getting at? A user is allowed no more than 6 lvl. 2/3 violations in one year. Should you get to that point, you will not have access to the expert server until the first violation in that year passes. Make sense?

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So I can’t play on expert server for a year the last violation wasn’t even my fault atc keep making me go around and then left and new atc banned me all I wanna know is If I have to crate a new account or do I have to wait for a whole year

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Many things here

  1. It’s not a 1 year wait, it’s however long it takes for your first Level 2/3 violation to expire. You can go to your grade table violation history to see when your first Level 2/3 violation was

  2. If you think you had an unfair report, please contact @appeals - it’s no use complaining here


How do I know how losing until they expire

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Settings > Account > View Stats > View Violation History.

Here, find the Level 2/3 violation closest to the bottom, and then subtract it from 365. For example, if you first Level 2/3 Violation was 200 days ago, you would have to wait 165 days. (365-200)

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So you do have to wait a whole year until being able to play on expert server

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You will regain Expert server access on September 28th 2023. That’s when your first violation was.


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