Does anybody know how i can remove level 1 violations. 99% of them are speeding in the air and unfortunately they all happened when i was AFK. Everyone makes mistakes and mine were unintentional. I have been trying to reach expert level since i first loaded this game and i would appreciate for it to be removed… help me please


Get more landings to lower the amount of violations per landing

Also if they’re speed vios, make sure to not fly at the max allowed speed (wind can push you over and give a vio) and to not enable VNAV until you are at your device ready for descent


You gotta be kidding me!!!
You practically set your self up by choosing the CRJ Bro

Level 1 violations cannot be removed as they are system generated and based on your flying.


Thanks heaps. I worked straight away lol

Most of mine were because I couldn’t slow down in time when I approached 10,000 feet on descent.

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Then try to level off at 12000ft to slow down or use flight spoilers

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Just grind some landings. Your ratio is the only thing barring you from expert level. So as long as you get more landings and no violations your ratio. As RickG said above, level 1 violations can not be removed unless there was a problem with the system that caused you to get a violation unjustly.

Hope this helps! Can’t wait to see you at Grade 3!


Try doing touch and goes to increase your landings. You only need 3 to get back down to 0.50. Also, don’t enable VNAV until right before you begin your decent.

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