Does anyone know why when I step away from my device while climbing and I come back, it says that I reached the maximum amount of violations for the server? I had to go do some chores while I was climbing to FL360 and once I came back, I was kicked out of the server and it said “Maximum amount of violations reached.” Does anyone know why that happened?

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You most likely flew too fast.
There’s not only an air speed limit, but also a mach limit. The specific limit depends on the aircraft.


Would you state the aircraft you were in? I can help yo guide at what IAS to hold at, whether you want to go a realistic cruising knot speed, or fast as you can cruising knot speed

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As a general rule of thumb…you should only leave your device once you have reached cruise and your aircraft is in a stable condition…


It’s best to do this at least until you have gained some experience with what can go wrong and how to avoid those problems.

Besides IAS and mach limits, it’s also possible your aircraft stalled and nosedived (also causing speed to be excessive below 10,000ft etc.) from attempting to climb too high, or at too high a climb rate for the amount of weight you were carrying.

If I’m away while I climb, I’m very careful about speed, climb rate, weight and altitude settings that I’ve tested before hand that I know will work in a range of conditions.

Until you’ve tested the above, this makes a lot of sense:

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I flew the 738.

Do u want to go max speed or realistic?

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323kts for max, 295kts for realism

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