Why??? I am a fighter jet no?

You’re not supposed to exceed 250 kts below 10,000


All Aircraft Under 10,000ft Must Be Under 250kts


ok it’s too for fighters :’( see you soon grade 3

As @AdamCallow has said it’s pretty obvious that the rule applies to all aircraft and It would have warned you prior to you getting the violation so it’s your own fault

How many violations did you get ?

You were in an active airspace. You can go faster if you are far from active airports.

You can go as fast as you dare in Casual

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one @Boodz_G

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You’ll have to wait 3 days until you can get access on expert server

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but I have only 33k XP :'D

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Too much bold.

To put it nicely however, 250 IAS is max you should be at below 10K.

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Then how were you grade 3 ?

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Next time pull your gears up. It will not protect you against goosting but it will make you more realistic😀😀


Applies to all aircraft.

These bold letters are unnecessary and add little to none to the topic.