Can you receive violations for flying quite close or perhaps going through an aircraft whilst on long haul cruise; the oceanic track for example some people may be sleeping and have left their devices on to run.

I have good news, no. It is perceived as accidental

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No, afortunately. Imagine having to wake up at midnight just to change your altitude

First of all, this would belong in general

And u don’t get reported for Flying through people

You shouldn’t worry about if you are “away”. IFATC should let the aircraft go (if there are in “away” status) and the conflict will be considered unintentional.

So don’t worry about it if you are sleeping ;).

Where is the away button, I never like found it

It should be in the map page when you click on an aircraft. If i am wrong please correct me.

Edit: it isnt a button it is simply a status that applies automatically, however I don’t think you can see your own status. You can see others’ by clicking on their aircraft in the map.

There’s not a button. You will get away if you don’t touch the device for 2 min :)

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Well flying through individuals are level 3 violations, so that statement isn’t quite accurate; however, if you are inactive at cruise and you fly through someone, Mods, staff, and supervisors will not report you. Center controllers won’t report you either. If you’re active and flying through people, that’s a one way ticket back to the training server.


If we would get a violation from this mid air escorts would not exist in training/expert

This is correct on the plane it will show Awy 23 min etc! When they are at there phone it will say active so no worry’s when your sleeping!

You will not receive a violation but remember to fly in the correct altitude! Choose based on your heading as shown below

• 0º to 179º fly FL310, FL330, FL350…
• 180º to 359º fly FL300, FL320 FL340, FL360…

Wait, u guys can report us when u r flying

Those you highlighted above can, yes

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Yeh, to avoid collisions in long group flights I usually fly a 100 ft higher or lower than the cruising altitude I am told

100ft to me is still too close
I had 2 incidents where I overflew another guy with a vertical separation of 500ft and that looked really close too

It will look close but better than colliding

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I have a question btw, r u allowed to escort people in a fighter jet in a close distance?

As long as you don’t fly through them

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