I just wanted to bring up violations.
Recently I got an over speed level 2 violation for over speeding. This sent me down to grade 2. Is there anyway I could attempt to get to grade level three without waiting for a week or two?

Being locked out of the expert server for such a long period of time, at least for me, is really disheartening and should not, really in my opinion be allowed to happen. I don’t agree with the punishments for both an ATC or over speed violation. I feel that the over speed violation punishment should be significantly less than for an ATC given violation, or better yet, no punishment at all.

Sometimes, you fall asleep or are doing some work or talking to someone on the phone and you get back to notice that you are disconnected and brought down to the training server. This feeling is pretty bad, I’m sure some of the pilots out there know how I feel. In the game you get disconnected if you get a violation. If you are flying in real life and you over speed, the world doesn’t just end. So is there a way to vote or ask for improving the violation protocols and hopefully push for a more realistic, and less punishing violation system?

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Overspeed is a Level 1 violation - which cannot be removed unless it was a glitch.

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Did you receive a level 1 violation/s for overspending? A level 2 violation is an ATC violation, which can be appealed vis the @appeals team.

If they are level 1 violations, unfortunately they cannot be appealed unless they are caused by a bug or error in the system. Level 1 bios are more to help you learn from your mistakes.

Is it? The over speeding violation I got was level 2

Can you send a screenshot of your violation history.

Then we can determine exactly what it was :)

I received three level 1 violations. You were correct, not level 2

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Ok. Glad we cleared that up.

As I and @Ecoops123 previously said, Level 1 violations can only be removed if it was a bug or glitch in the system. They are for learning from our mistakes.

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I see… well if you can’t prevent what happened, its not really a learning experience

How did you exactly end up overspeeding…

It really can’t be a lvl 2 by category one violations, as mentioned. But if you receive 3 lvl 1 violations in one row you automatically become disconnected from the live server.

I would say so. You may not prevent what happened, you can just learn from the mistake made and prevent the experience from happening again. 🙂

I was with a family member. I’ve had similar instances where I’ve overslept.

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And you descended automatically I’m guessing?

I did yes –

Happened to me 2 times and ruined my stats as I set myself not getting more than 10 overall violations. Well, that’s the learning curve… but I agree it’s annoying.

@DreamJet I thought so - it is strongly recommended to not engage VNAV until you are active at your device.


Ye general consensus is that you must be at your device for all vital parts of a flight. On the ground either pushback or taxi, on the runways and during climb and decent.

If you aint at control then and you get a violation as a result of being AFK then the liability tends to rest on you.


Okay then, thanks for helping the clarification. I take it there is nothing I can do?

Yup, a hard lesson learned, don’t arm VNAV except like 5-10 NM before your top-of-descent.

Most of us have been there, trust me. :)

The rule is that you must be at your device for all phases of flight, except cruise.


As stated, if it is an ATC given violation or its a glitch, contact @appeals and they will sort it out