I have given violations by system .
I check the reply I Can’t found anything .
Can any one Help with this .
Thank you.
I was planning to complete one year without any violations .😩



I’m sorry about your issue. Level 1 violations arnt open to removal by the Appeals team. Sorry about that. Maybe to and brush up on some of the rules and regulations of flying on TS or ES. Also don’t arm VNAV till you can monitor your device and your speed. That’s where I see most people getting Violations.



Can you tap on violation history when on your account stats and show us what you see? If the violation had something to do with a map glitch (e.g falling through terrain/runway), there is a chance to get this reversed.


Hey there! If you wish to contact the appeals team about a wrongful report given to you either by the system or by a controller, using this link would put you through to the appeals team who would be happy to assist you.

Sorry to hear that you’ve received a violation. Hope you can have it reversed!


Actually the Appeals Team can look into level one reports if the replay can verify the sim mistakenly gave them a false report such as a bug.


There’s no harm in opening a pm with the appeals team. They are the subject matter experts and will give you a clear answer.


No I was middle of the flight

Maybe dear @schyllberg can help with this issue .

@iidvdii Can you list the cause of the violation, and why do you think its was wrong to be given to you?

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@iidvdii He is more on the support side of things helping with issues related to the app. If it was inflight and not by a controller, please contact appeals in a PM in the proper format, and someone will assist you.

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Let’s try and no ping staff they do their best to see all topics :)

Secondly what did it say when you received the violation. The reason you got a violation.

Strictly unless it is a bug or other issue there is no point taking up the time of the appeals team the system will tell you why you got the violation :)

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It’s last 3 violations I have by system .
The other 3 by mistake I forget Vnav I can’t complain .

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I think you just solved your own question, no?


Unfortunately, level 1 violations cannot be appealed unless it was a bug within the sim. All user-error violations will be upheld