I am like really upset, at like how some aircraft controllers are so ignorant and act like goddess which they are not , like today as I was landing I got flagged for not following orders, yet I was on an Unicom atc , so like what the hell

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someone said it.

what type of violation did you receive?


What airport was this at, and do you know who issued the violation? You can check it in your replay or logbook.

May I ask you why you’ve been on Unicom? If this was the case you just landed on a controlled AP while tuned into another airport. But If that was the case I’m wondering why the active controller didn’t give you an onguard message… normally they do.

So I announced a go around into lax, the violation was for not following atc instructions, but I was not even in contact with klax central, I just took off and realized I had no fuel So I announced a go around, when out of no where I git the violation

shoot a pm to @appeals and they’ll help out

Hello! If you think the violation was wrong, please contact the @appeals team and they will help you out. Either that or you can DM the controller and ask why they gave you a violation.

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@appeals ,

Click on the tag and then click on the “message tab” to start a pm with the appeals team.

Hey! If you feel the violation was unfair, you can appeal it.

There’s an excellent tutorial on how to properly appeal a violation here:

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