Let’s me explain this .this happen to me during learning curve when i was new 8 months ago .now am good pilots have avoided level 3 volations now this happen to me yesterday got a level 2 voillation and exceeded my all year voillation to 6 .now this makes a question to me am i banned for long time hope you help me


You have to wait for 1 year for one of them to fall off you have exceeded the 5


If you know who reported you, contact them in a pm. You can also add @appeals to a PM with the necessary steps if you felt it was a mistake. Otherwise I suggest learning from your mistakes for next time.


Hello :)

As stated above you would have to wait the amount of time it takes for one of your most recent Lvl 2+ violations to expire, if you feel as if you wrongly got the violation you could PM @appeals or the controller that issued that violation and they can help you out!



These level 3 voillation came when i was new got in a panic and nervous situation 😟😟 that time


Hello there I’m sorry for your violation!!
Dont feel let down yet , its not necessarily a year of waiting if you please can you check when was your first Level 2 or 3 violation issued , its maybe 11 months ago so all you have to wait is 1 month until its removed and you are back to the expert server!!

and as suggested above if you feel that the Violation was a mistake please contact appeals.

Thank you and have a great day!!!


This happened at amisterdam when i got confused with so many runways that why i got level 2 voillation .others i have controlled since my level 3 voillation. I have learned a lot how to deal with expert atc .today this happened suddenly i got losted at amisterdam when i was arving for Heathrow

It was 22 December 2020 since i got my last level 3 voillation.

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That means you would have to wait until December 22 or 23 this year until it expires

My 365 days will complete on October 20

Level 3 violations can only be appealed within 7 days of being issued i think

if your oldest violation was 22nd december 2020 then it will expire exactly 1 year after it was given meaning it will expire 22nd december 2021

When my all level these 6 violation will expire when can i expect this from 6 to 0

This is NOT the best solution, considering the fact that you have not contacted appeals, means that you know this violation was just, even if you were nervous, you need to learn how to be calm and cool, I encourage you to take the time to learn from your mistakes, and if you are confident that you won’t have the same mistake again, request an account reset, please don’t request it every time you get a violation, I’m not sure if you can get it done more than once, not because of the manual reset by tech, but also with the fact that you need to learn.


When did you get your first level 2 or 3 violation??

It was level 2 cost me because of previous level 3 voillations .it will take as a learning curve .

At October 25 2020 .these all violations came when i was learning that time i wasn’t a mature pilot that time

If your first violation was at 25th of October , then you should be back to the expert server at 25th of October 2021 , so only 5 months of wait :)

Take this time to learn and practice at the Training server; have a look at the Flying guide in the user manual, and the ATC manual , it will help you understand how to fly properly and it will show you how does ATC works and how to interact with controllers to prevent further violations

Enjoy your day , and we are eager to have you again at the Expert server!!!

Means my all voillations will get clear till from October 22 to December 22 one by one am i right

Yes you are right