It’s been 8 days an it’s not putting me back to grade three, once u receive a level three violation u can never get back to grade three for expert server

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Hello! How many violations do you have? If you’ve exceeded 5 in a one year period, you are removed from the expert server until one year from the first violation.

Could you please share a screenshot of your violation table?

Hello there!

A quick flight on any server should reset your stats and get you back to grade 3.

Alternatively, you might have accumulated more than 5 level 2/3 violations over the span of a year. In that case, you will have to wait until the oldest of those violations have expired.



I’ve gone ahead and refreshed your stats. All you need to do is restart your app


Awesome, jus to be clear I was not upset jus didn’t know. I love this game!