Can we get a warning on some of the violations. One wrong thing an boom session ended cuz of violation. I taxied on runway an was hit wit a level 3 when I was told to taxi to runway u had back taxi on runway there is no act call for this but yet I was issued a violation?

Message the controller to figure out what happened if there was a misunderstanding. But the violations are there for a reason, they maintain order and professionalism.

There are some things you can take back, like when you speed up too much, you get a warning and slow down.

But when you enter a runway, you have done it, no taking back. You have disrupted traffic, so a warning doesn’t do any help.

If everyone gets away with entering a runway with a warning, ES would be a mess. Although sometimes it can be annoying, it’s necessary to help the controllers and keep the ES the ES.


Usually IFATC gives warnings before issuing a violation. Unless it was something that warranted an immediate violation.

You would be best to contact the controller to figure it out. If you hadn’t been cleared onto he runway then I’m afraid level 2 and 3 violations will be given out to maintain realism.

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Jus told to taxi to runway 7 while doin so I figured since u had to use runway to taxi I figured I was cleared to do so

I’m not 100% sure what you trying to say, but if the ATC just said Taxi to RWY ## then you deserved the violation that’s also how I got my only lvl 3 but if they said back taxi or cleared for takeoff you should have been good unless you were taking too long.

taxi to runway XX means exactly that, taxi to and hold short of it as you normally would, even if the taxiway is at the middle of the runway

when you rq for takeoff, tower will tell you to back taxi

runway entry permissions are just that, you CANNOT enter runways without explicit permission

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As said above by Oliver, best to contact the controller. When entering the runway, you must inform tower of your actions. So if your preparing to back taxi to depart, you must contact tower and request departure.

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Clearance to taxi to a runway gives you clearance to taxi to the hold short line of the runway or join the queue for the runway.

Takeoff or cross runway gives you permission to enter the runway.

The best is to send a message to @ appeals if you want to appeal your violation. If you just have a question about the report the best is to contact the controller who reported you and they will be able to help you out.


Completely understandable, I didn’t know there were taxi instructions like that. For instance 714pg taxi to runway 7 via back taxi on runway. To where I was told to taxi to specific runway yet had to use that runway for taxi way, while I was cleared to taxi to active runway while doing so I was not aware to ask for additional taxi clearance

I don’t have a problem with violations jus tryna see why I got it that’s all I was following act instructions

Taxi to a runway doesn’t mean you can enter it. You have to hold short before the hold short line. You need a takeoff clearance to back taxi.


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