Yo guys
I got 5 level 1 violations in 1 week
But the last one was a week ago but it still says i have to much for grade 3 how does that work?

[Update] i started a quick flight and ended it now its at zero thanks for the help guys!

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If you believe your violations are still accounted for when they should be gone, a quick flight should refresh your stats. Just make sure to select end flight. Welcome to the community!

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Welcome to the community sir! Glad your here

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Hi, and welcome to the community!

Could you post a screenshot of your grade table? This will help us see what requirements are missing.



Hey, for the future keep in mind that the 1 week time limit is exact to the minute. You can see the exact time in your violation history. At that time you can refresh your app if you do not see the removal of the violations.

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I just checked. For me, it’s showing that you are grade 3. I have refreshed your stats. Hopefully you are good to spawn back on expert.

All you will need to do is restart your app