I need some assistance with two violations which I received by the automatic bot. I was descending into Lima and was using VNAV. Lima has very high mountains so VNAV gave automatic descent flight levels. I ensured by speed was 210KTs but as it was descending from FL160 to FL80 it drastically increased my speed (as expected) however as I was trying to reduces my speed it would not and would increase. Once I passed FL100 it issued the over speed warning. I tried everything I could to reduce my speed but it was no use. I then received two overspeed violations as a result. Is there any way this could be reversed as I physically could not do anything for the speed to go under 260KTS?


I would recommend contacting @appeals if you believe that there was an in-game error, if you dont believe so, than there are no ways to reverse it.

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Thank you!

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You should have stopped it from speeding up anymore before going below 10k. Don’t think these will be removed, but I guess there’s no harm in asking.

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Ahh Iv just seen that they only handle level 2 and 3 violations :(
Thanks though :)

That’s what I tried doing. I moved from 250KTS to 210KTS and as it was increasing I tried reducing further as well with my speed brakes on flight. It was no use :(
Cheers though

Did you try disengaging VNAV and reducing vertical speed?

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No i didn’t try that :/
I guess I know what to do next time haha.

Yeah, no problem! Remember, VNAV doesn’t care about the airspeed speed. So it will do anything in it’s power to descend faster or slower, and leaves the speed for the autothrottle, which obviously has limitations. But reducing V/S is the fastest way to slow down.

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You should have stopped your decent and let your speed catch up to you. What I do in these situation is I disengage auto pilot and pull up drastically and let my speed go down.

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I know it’s only a level 1 violation but it took me down a grade and it put me off doing a return back to LHR 😂
Thanks for the help :)

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👍🏽👍🏽 Thanks I’ll try that next time

This morning I was sort of having the same issue, between the 2 VNAV points, it made me descend at around -3200 V/S.

Here are some ways I solve it,

  • Remove the VNAV altitude for the waypoint at FL080

  • Disengage VNAV and adjust the V-speeds to your liking

  • Do a 360

Me specifically put myself in a hold in that area for about 15-20 minutes right when that descent happened haha


Thank you! That helps a lot!


These are violations that we will not remove. It is ultimately the pilot’s responsibility to ensure that their aircraft will not exceed speed restrictions. The same is true in the real world. If we exceed 250 below 10,000ft and ATC tells us to call a phone number we don’t ask them to ignore it and brush it off as if it didn’t happen.

The proper procedure in this case is if you’re predicting you’ll over speed while using VNAV, turn off the Autopilot… please. Level off and bleed the speed off. Don’t rely on the autopilot and be the pilot. Take control of your aircraft, get it under control and to a reasonable speed, then reengage the autopilot if you wish. In this case, using VNAV probably wasn’t the solution.

TLDR; we do not remove violations for things that the pilot can avoid. Overspeeding being one of those.