Do atc/mods/admin keep a list or log of all the violations that have been issued?


Yes, there is a log. It is only available to higher-ups, though.


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I’m thinking of making a feature suggestion but wanted the check how it works first.

Quite often if someone appeals a violation on here it gets shut down to pm quickly and I get that its to avoid speculation. I think it would be interesting to have that discussion open then overs can learn what happened and why the action was taken. Maybe it would have to anonymously published every few months as a table grouping the type and amount of violations with a few highlights but leaving the names out.
In the real world we have GASCO


The aim isn’t to appoint blame or name and shame its to allow others to learn from others mistakes and improve everyone’s standard.


I’d say that’s a decent and fair idea. Maybe like a monthly/quarterly report of the violations that were issued with some reasons as to why it occurred would fall along that idea.

Only issue I see is the amount of work that it would require to gather all of this data and write it out as there’s no real way to automate this. Each appeal is different and each user has their own reason for whatever led to the issuance of the violation.

It’s a solid idea!


suggestion made, i guess this thread can be closed now cheers,

I maybe should of had someone proof read my features post :D

It is a discussion between the pilot and the controller. Many times the public topic gets replies that shame a pilot or controller. Controllers are human and make mistakes but it doesn’t benefit the public in discussing it. We look at both sides, reference the replay and respond accordingly. Each item is specific to that flight and that controlling session so there is very little to be learned that has not already been covered in tutorials.

I do like the idea of review some as sort of a “you make the call” type of topic which could be educational. It’s one of the items we are discussing.

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Fair enough, I see since the suggestion was closed this thread has started

Kinda simular to what I meant

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