I received 5 violations while I was in the car today. I left set autopilot for 240 knots and altitude of 14000. I looked to check I was circling and got 5 violations. Idk what happened because when I left I was on course and at the proper speed.

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May I ask what plane you were flying?

Did you set it to follow your flight plan because sometimes you needed to change the active leg otherwise it will just keep circling.

Maybe ran out of fuel and crashed

Can you please check your replay? Your violations look like they occurred on the way down.

I see you were climbing and then went into circles so it looks like something was not set on AP correctly.


Yah I will send u replay. Fight plan was far apart and i was in the TBM-930 vs was 1000

We do not remove violations.

It looks like you may have been climbing too quickly and it stalled out. That is my guess taking a look at the plane and speed profiles.


@United2: Simple “Pilot Error”!. Your lost “situational awareness” you left your device on attending.
See you in a wk.
(All AutoPilots are fallible! Trust but verify continually. We call it “Scan” continually!)


Yah I guess. What happened is it hit the wait point got confused then the a/p disconnected it then spun in circles and started going down. My V/S was 1000 so it was not climbing to quickly idk what happened. See y’all in a week

Check your replay to find your solution or a controller that ghosted you perhaps.

That’s is not the situation

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Now it is being odd. It says I only got 2 violations though I got five I also have access to expert

Odd. Bottom line is to not leave the device until your flight is stable.


Ok, I thought it was, it was almost at cruise altitude. See you guys back on expert in 7 days

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