After I have landed in Charlotte from Miami I had to use the bathroom so I paused on the taxiway when I came back to the device I had four violations Even though I had paused the game Now I have to wait a week and I can’t join American airlines virtual which I have been trying to do I just got to grade 3 Now I am back at grade 2

Rule number 1: never be absent during crucial periods.

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Hey, that’s a bummer. The best way to avoid violations is always stay by your device until you are safely parked, or you’re cruising.

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I had landed

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Well you can’t really “pause” on a live server.

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As this is not a glitch or issue in the game, it is most likely not going to be reversed.

Judging by your description, it seems like you were idle on the runway for too long. Next time, maybe taxi to the gate or end the flight before going elsewhere :)


Check your logbook to see what the violations were for and will tell you what went wrong, maybe you were still on the runway which can be a reason for the violation

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This doesn’t quite make sense to me… Can you elaborate please?

You only should get violations for…

As other’s have mentioned, please check your logbook to see exactly what the violations were for. Send a picture here

I didnt think you could get a voilation for sitting in the taxiway unless the airport was controlled by IFATC, and in that case, yea you just cant sit there lol. Sorry.

Ah, I see. Pausing the game doesn’t mean it will pause your plane. Next time, come to a complete stop or end your flight before pausing and going elsewhere.

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Were you parked? Or was your aircraft still moving?

I had the parking break on

That wouldn’t happen, the violations will come off soon, you’re lucky you didn’t get a 5th violation which would have resulted in a system ghost

Did you just turn it on and leave, or had you come to a complete stop?

Turn it on and leave

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Can you do me a favor and upload your replay there and then send me the replay code? I’d love to take a look at this to get a better understanding to get you a real answer. :)

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Okay, what I’m guessing happened is maybe you accidentally didn’t click it properly, or it didn’t turn on. In the future, make sure you come to a complete stop first. But upload your replay as @Balloonchaser said, as this is just a guess.

I am having trouble loading the replay but that looks like what it happened I looked over my own replay and it did not come to a complete stop

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