Hi, I started my descent into Perth, had to go out for 10 mins, came back with the ‘Low battery 20%’ on my sceeen, couldn’t click off it like it froze and so I overspeeded I assume because I receive 5 violations! Now I can’t play expert for a week! Please help

Contact a moderator they will help you with that

You should always stay by your device during climb or descent. It seems these violations were your fault as you didn’t have your device charged up, you left your device during a crucial point of flight which led to you getting overspeed violations.

Sorry to sound harsh but it is unlikely that these violations will be removed.



Sorry to hear about this happening.

You can contact a Moderator to remove a violation if it was caused by an app error (e.g. a bug). If this is the case, I encourage you to do so.

However, this sounds like a case of pilot error — meaning you were at fault. It is your responsibility to ensure your device can perform while you are flying — including the maintenance of a sufficient battery level. It is advised that you are not away from your device when beginning your descent (or any time other than when at cruise). If you failed to set your speed correctly before leaving, you were in error.

Because of this, I find it unlikely the violations will be removed. If they aren’t, you will be able to rejoin the Expert Server exactly 7 days from the fifth violation’s application — a Moderator will gladly tell you the exact time this is, though a quick look at your replay should clarify the timing.


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MaxSez. Pls read the Pinned Ghost Direction. Use the “@reports” function. That’s the only acceptable response. Every other Response is “Facetime”


Max, this is a violations issue, not a ghosting issue :)


@Altaria55. MaxSez: Mis-Read, Regret Error.

Suggested RESPONSE to the author:

“Violations are program generated, You own the Pilot Error!There is no recourse. Learn a lesson on this one. In 7 days of penance you’ll get yr Grade back!”

(Note:Staff should never be antagonize or distracted for no useful purpose like a “Pilot Error”!)



It was your fault for starting your descent and leaving your device, unfortunately.

We’ve given you all the advice you need to handle the matter, just don’t expect a resolution where the violations are removed.

@Raeyn… MaxSez: Guilty of a Pilot Error by shelf admission! Give it up stop whining!

(Been here 3 days… your future here is not bright)


Look, it’s sad you can’t be flying expert for a week.

But it is what it is, you should’ve stayed with your device and put it in the charger…

Violations are just as ghosts/reports created to learn from your mistakes.
I hope you learned from it and that we’ll see you back in a week :)


Couldn’t of said it better. Everyone has the responsibility of their own device. Learn from this and move on

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Will discuss privately.