Hello IFC,

I have received a violation and wish to discuss about it, may I know who I may contact? Thanks!

EDIT: this is a violation, not a ghost. I wish to remove it.



Was it a ghost

Negative, it was a violation handed out by system.

You can PM Chris

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Send a message to a moderator and they’ll be able to help.

Try the moderator group

May I have the group link please. I was unable to find it.

Message @Chris_S

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@anon28254084… It’s alway the man Cap… The violation algorithm is infallible. Don’t bother anybody with a Plea. Just accept you Pilot Error, wait 5 days just suck it up…


Just click on @moderators

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Excuse me, you don’t even know what and how I got my violation. Please do not jump to conclusions. All I wanted is to know who I can I contact.


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Alright, everybody calm down.

@anon28254084, contact @moderators if you wish to discuss the violation.

No further discussion in this thread is needed.

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Yes, I have already contacted the group.

A mod please close this.

Violations are only removed if there is proof it was an application issue.

Forgetting to set AP, overspeeding by accident, descending too quickly, etc are not valid reasons.