Hi while i was flying on expert server i got 5 violations. The worst thing is that i have 7 days cooldown and my subsciption end just in this month. I request to delete my 5 violations as i got them by glitch . I exceeded crusing speed once but i immediately decrease speed to below .87 mach. I was flying .80 mach and still got annoucment that im exceeding speed and on .8 mach i got violations . Please help me

Contact one of the moderator’s if it is a glitch with the game :) you can contact @moderators to contact a mod :)

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I’m afraid that your violations may not be able to be removed because it is the pilot’s discretion to cruise at a safe speed. .87 is quite risky because wind gusts can easily move your speed higher and thus, the violations. If you’re 100% confident that it was a glitch, you’ll need to send your replay to a moderator where they’ll decide if your violations should be removed or not.

Next time, please cruise at the aircraft’s dedicated cruise speed to avoid getting violations :)


The only issue here is that the warning message remained. This only happens when you get 5 consecutive violations and therefore gets kicked out & disconnected.

The violations are in all of these cases, accurate.