Hello, IFC
Recently I got a violation due to over sleeping. I pride my self of before this I had no violations on long haul flights. I woke up today with “crashed” and 5 violations, meaning I can’t access expert server for a week. I was wondering if I can get them reversed or something if not that’s ok.



Contact a moderator with your replay as proof and they’ll be able to reverse them if there is clear evidence of a game-related bug.


It was not a bug I over slept and the auto pilot of in flight assistance could not slow me down in time so all my fault.

Than that’s your fault. I don’t think it can be reversed. Same thing happened to me. Next time reduce your V/S.


Ok so I have inflight assistant and I use FPLtoIF and I programmed the RNAV into FPLtoIF so the auto pilot would decent to a certain alt and go to a certain speed without you doing anything as long as you programmed it before. And ok I’ll contact a mod.


A plane will fly into a mountain if you program it to.
Weight going downhill will pick up speed.

In IF-this is true particularly with the A330, A350 and heavier jets-even with using speed brakes, they’ve only got one setting in flight (hello “multi position/throttle type speed brake“ request!) will NOT go down AND slow down. Even if you were to program in 250kt PRIOR to your descent, IFA will only target that speed and you’d still have to manually slow the plane down before descending below 10000’ the A350 will GAIN SPEED in a descent with a negative VS above much more than -1200.

Morals of the story are:

  1. you’ve gotta make sure you’re paying attention in climbs and descents.
  2. Recognize the limitations of IFA-if you’ve got two waypoints that are 20 miles apart and you’ve got say 12000 for one waypoint and 8000 for the next, IFA is going to rocket ship you down at -5000 FPM which is going to cause you to gain speed in just about any plane.

Fuel, turbulence, you name it


This is honestly pilot error. I doubt it’s going to get reversed. I had one bad experience with IFA and I honestly don’t use it for the flights only callouts. I’d rather be at cruising altitude overflying the airport rather then descending with a risk of accruing violations.

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Due to the following we cannot remove such violations. Violations which are erroneously given due to app development issues/bugs are the only ones that we remove. Bugs issued by third party apps do not constitute to violations as well. If you’re receiving issues as a result of a third party app, it would be best to contact the developer or make a topic in ThirdParty to have these issues addressed. Thanks!


Never program your descent on IF-A. Anything can happen from the time your at cruise to the TOD. If you happen to not make it back on time, your plane should still be at cruise altitude (if you have enough fuel) when you do return. Just may be a couple hundred miles away from your planned destination.

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Just for the record, some aircraft types will just fly to the ground is a controlled manner when running out of fuel (A320 for example). It is unwise to use IFA to perform a STAR. IFA VNAV is only for step climbing.

Violations for overspeeding are very common. Pilot error is the most probable cause of this, even i hv learnt this the hard way. If you have less violations then this should not do any long term damage and you will be flying back in Expert in no time!

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