just wanted to clarify if this is true?

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Yes. Your grade table will show different metrics for different time periods.

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Hello Chris. I was recently playing IF on the wonderful expert server at Dublin Airport. I exit the runway, and taxi back along one of the main taxiways back to the gate. In the process of doing so another aircraft exiting the runway after me pulls out in front of me as I was passing by. Then after I clear him I get reported for going through an aircraft when I had the right of way… as he was pulling off of the runway. I don’t understand what terminology you ATC report because you clearly did not see what actually happened. I have a clip if you’d like to review it, thanks.

Violations and reports are different.

If you were reported you should first contact the controller who reported you and share your replay. Things happen and if needed they will reverse.

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How do I contact my controller?

If you were reported, it’ll say in your logbook. There’ll be a name, and if you require assistance finding him/her on the forum, tell us the name and we’d be happy to help you find the controller.

Thank you so much, one second let me find them…I was on approach into Geneva and then it said I was reported

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His name is Adam Macaulay…he said I was following my flight plan even tho I wasn’t, I was following ATC instructions!

Please contact @Adam_Macaulay to discuss this report further

Just sent him a message, now waiting for a reply…thank you all

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