Last night, I was flying from SIN-SVO through the night while I was sleeping. I was using a third-party app to climb the airplane up as step climbs. The app must have glitched, and I woke up in the middle of the night to see me going 350 knots indicated at 3000 feet, having racked up five violations. Is there any way to have these removed?

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That right there, high chances no. As it was nothing wrong with the actual app itself, it was the third party apps issue, you may have input the information wrong causing your plane to descend rather then climb. But they won’t be removed. I suggest maybe letting us know the name of the app, so you can A) Find the developer and ask some questions or B) Ask the community for help👍

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The only application that does step-climbs for you in Infinite Flight is In-Flight Assistant - @breslin27 i’m guessing this is what you were using -

@epaga - your assistance is required :)

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There’s another app made by @Dragos and it’s called “VirtualLink” it does VNAV for IF 👍

Maybe that’s the one he used?

Oh ok I forgot about that one :)

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