Hey my call sign is Air France 24 and my username is PacificRunways. I got graded back to 2 because the atc approach sent me and our mom planes almost hit each other . I am upset because I did nothing wrong and still go ghosted and I am graded down for a whole year !!!??? I have spent so much money on this game can you guys please bring me back to grade three.

Hello! What is the name of the controller that ghosted you? Check this in your logbook. You should contact him about the issue via PM.



If this was on the “Expert Server” please find out who was controlling the frequency at the time and message them on this website and find out why you were ghosted. Also, do not worry, no downgrade lasts for a year, I believe if you keep doing landings you can push it down and become grade 3 again.

Not true, you can’t get six reports and have to wait a year until you’re first one expires

Unless he his ghosts on the training server all in one day… (Highly unlikely)

I have six reports and the minimum is five

Like @AlphaSeven said, please look in your logbook to find the name of the controller who ghosted you

Can we also see your grade table. 😉

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Yes, unfortunately you won’t be able to access expert until it’s been a year since your last ghost. Can you look in your logbook to find the name of the controller that ghosted you

Can the air traffic controller take the violation away?

He will contact a mod and the mod will reverse the ghost, if it’s proven to be ATC error. It’s a ghost not a violation as they are two different things. Now could you please look in your logbook for the name of the controller

I did and contacted the controller. Can I contact mod or does he have to ?

If you’ve already contacted the controller, then that’s your job done. There is no need to contact a mod too. The controller will do that but only if it’s proven to be ATC error

Have a look here

No, just discuss the issue with him. IFATC don’t ghost people for no reason, so I doubt that the ghosting was on his bad. Also, considering that you have 6 ghosting in a year you should reconsider how you fly on the expert servers.


Thanks you guys !

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