While on descent yesterday, I received 5 violations for speed over 250kts under 10000ft. I was extremely disappointed when I realised that my speed was absolutely fine. There was no need for the violations I received and hope this gets fixed

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if you think that the game is at fault, I suggest PM’ing a Moderator with your replay as proof and see if you can get those violations removed.


Ok. Thanks for the advice


In which aircraft was this?


@Captain_Johnstone… MaxSez: The program generated “Overspeed” is infallible. Your set speed is relative and irrrelivent, watch the speed tape in replay for the “Red” ticks generated by your vertical speed.
A speed warning placard will also be evident on the vid.

(Suggest you install IF Assistant)


Were you at your device when this happened? Usually there are a whole bunch of warnings that pop up.

I was aware of everything happening. I was in the middle of the descent and was descending through 14000ft. I was at 240kts. There were no red ticks on the speedometer and no overspend warnings. The overspend warnings were not sent and I was not aware that I was getting violations. I was not told I was receiving them and I am not at fault here

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Have you contacted the moderator with the replay file?

I deleted the replay file as it did not show me the landing

The Boeing 737-800 Comair near Johannesburg

All we need to see is when you got the violation, but have you contacted the moderator?

If you were at your device you would have seen your speed on your decent. If you were at 14000ft and at 240kt then well it’s physics that when you’re defending your aircraft is gonna gain speed. Maybe in future, you can use flight spoilers to prevent this happening in the future

You will only get these if you’re overspeeding for the aircraft type (if its the audible overspeed warning you’re thinking of). The 10,000ft 250kt rule doesn’t generate the red ticks or audible warning though you should get a popup on screen to tell you to take action. Anyway, welcome to the coveted club of overspeed violations in infinight flight… I imagine most if not all of the IFC have joined this club at one time or another.

if you deleted the replay file then you may have just destroyed all evidence needed to potentially exonerate you.

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I have had the same case years ago, nothing can be done about. I best suggest u, to change strategy when descending, me for example, I now only descend to 11000 feet to then level out and slow down.

It is risky keeping the a/p at 250IAS below 10000 feet in general, 240 will do too ;)

also consider the winds and the rate of descend, u obviously dont want to nose dive.

Other than that, it is not possible to get a violation in such a situation.
The replay wouldve helped a lot

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How do you know you got the violations during descent? You said no warnings appeared.
Am I missing something here?




You have a good point. But that doesn’t necessarily help me here

Have you contacted a moderator or not?


Scroll up. A moderator is in the thread.

Unfortunately there is no proof of what happened, as the Replay was deleted. Noone can verify your speed.
And, as mentioned by Max, the IF speed violations system hasn’t been known to fail.

So I guess the conclusion is: you’re toast.