When I started my journey in I.F (4or5years ago) I took a few violations in mode live but casual server and now I need to do few landings because ma ratio is very low, is it any chance (just asking) or possibility to delete my first violations like in one day I took 10 violations obviously just because I didn’t know how IF works

No, violations are a learning experience. They will only be removed when they have been caused by a bug

That actually should be impossible

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Unfortunately, violations can’t be removed unless it was a system mistake. If it was pilot error, it won’t be removed.


Alright, so the violations used to be even in casual server?

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When was this?

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Maybe 4 years ago

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No, casual server does not have rules enforced by violations.


I know that that’s why I’m confused, how can I take 20 or more violations in casual server

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No one will do anything if your last violation is that long ago

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Im just asking how is it possible take like 40 violations in casual mode

In that case, you must have not been on the casual server. Now, you could have been on the training server which does have rules enforced by violations.

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Right but just remind when you started as grade one first flight are you allowed to use training server?

System Ghostings? Idk if they have that on Casual?

No, training server is for those that are grade 2 and above. You can find this information in the app when selecting which server you choose to fly on.

Ok so I’m sure if I see my logbook I have maybe 40 violations probably as grade 1 (casual server)

If it’s that long ago since your las violation you should have 0 violations. Because violations only stick with you for 12 months

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When you land the landings are registred and when you clik at the tabel where u see the reports and things you got to scroll down and look at vialations and landings and theree can u see how many vialations you have but you are geting rid of those when the landings are registrerd

Day, Week, 90 Days, Year.

I tried to apply to became an atc on expert server and the recruiter said to me you have 111 violations, ok but the first 70 are 4 years ago

I think he means by logbook.