So i Started a flight from London To Los Angeles in the Expert Server and i get 2 violations in 20 seconds. got 2 violations in 20 seconds. normally it should take 2 minutes to get the first one?

Not quite :)

First you get a warning for 20 seconds, then the first violation is issued. 20 seconds later, the 2nd. 20 secs later, the 3rd and so on.


have now looked again in the replay but could see no warning. I wonder why there is a Replay function at all. well, all right

That’s odd. Could you share the replay with us perhaps? Or just a screenshot from the log?

You mean that ?

Nope. From the replay, where you said no warning shows up.

Scroll to the moment where you received the violation in the log on your left. The warning will show there.

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