i got a violating and do not know what they do do the make me get kicked from multiplayer game mode


Violations are a way of learning from your mistakes.

Each violation expires after a week. The amount of time absent from a specific server varies from the number of violations you have gotten :)

In your replay/logbook it says why you have gotten this violation.

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Take a look at your replay. It will show you what the violations were and when you received them.

After multiple violations in the same flight you get booted from the session. This usually happens to pilots who are away from their device and the plane stalls and racks up multiple speed violations on the way down.

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ok it just is giveing me a speed one when i got back when i was going at a very low speed and i did not break speed limit

What IAS (Indicated Air Speed) were you flying at when you got the violations?

The limit is 250 knots under 10,000ft if you’re not aware/sure :)

i was on 136 knots

Just look to see who the ATC was, then PM them :)


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ATC don’t issue violations.

This is a system-generated violation.

Oh… I thought it was a ghost… My fault.

Is this also applicable for TS server? Since I had a pilot who was Idle for at least 15min and he was blocking a taxi way…

Yes it does. Was his aircraft to large?

Have you done what’s been suggested and go into the replay and see what the violations were for?

He has, he got a speed violation.

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The violation regarding runway idling has been removed as it caused some issues when being told to LUAW by ATC.

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You do not receive violations for sitting on a taxiway. Yes, it annoys other pilots, but you won’t get a violation unless you’re on a runway.


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