I recieved a system ghost after my phone froze while i was climbing when my phome came back up I immediately ended my flight so i didnt get more violations just curious what happens next do i just wait or can that be helped? (Ive only had 1 other violation in 61 landings)

System ghost

So you recived a violation?

Can you send a screenshot of your stats able.

If you could provide the replay that would be very helpful!

System ghosts occur when you receive too many violations. I think.

Yes it gave me 5 speed violations I was climbing to fl280 and my phone froze at fl 200 came back on at fl280 with 5 violations and a ghost

Guys, if you dont know how to help - dont bother trying! I keep seeing folk being more useless than a seive to bale water. It’s just a waste of your time and everyone elses.

A system ghost happens when you receive too many violations. Unfortunately, you are required to wait the week unless a moderator/staff member deems your case worthy of a reversal.


Adding onto @Mags885, a mod will only reverse it when a glitch within the app caused the violations


If I have to wait i have to it is what it is I was just curious because im always very careful

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Sadly stuff like this occurs all the time. Literally yesterday i received 4/5 violations because i forgot to set the speed and was lucky enough not to get 5.

It is very unfortunate ive only recieved 1 other violation before I knew about the rules on one of my first flights but I’ve done my research and try to be very careful but its ok I guess I was just proud of my stats lol

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Honestly thats the same with me. Unfortunate things like this happen.

Stupid smart phones lol


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