Hi guys
Recently got a live subscription back after a few months ( I purchased a live subscription the day it was released however haven’t had one for about 3 months)
I had my first flight then closed the app, forgetting to end the flight because I was in a rush
When I came back it re loaded my flight from where I was on the ground, however when I ended the flight it said I have 4 violations???!
I now can’t fly on the expert server for the next week despite having over 200 hours and 200,000xp
Can someone help me?

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Have you looked at the replay of the flight?

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I’ll have a look, maybe I left the brakes off? :o

Maby, also what do you mean by reloading, did it fully restart the app? Or just move you to a different place? In other words was it one flight?

Yep, so I pressed the home button and locked my iPad, when I came back later and went back onto IF took me straight to the same flight, and then it reconnected to the server and was in the same place
Then I ended the flight and had 3 extra violations ( one violation was definitely my fault, that was from not looking at my speed going through 10,000ft)

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Ok, did you view the replay? Sometimes you’re aircraft can move around a bit erratically when it gets improperly disconnected. (Like infinitely accelerating in one direction) Check the replay I’d bet that’s what it is…

MaxSez. @Jack_Gallant… believe you answered your own Why question, it’s called “Situational Awareness”! Pilot Error…

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Situation awareness when the iPad was locked? Hmmmm
I’ll take the hit for 1 of them however the other 3 idk where they’re from

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You can get more than just one speeding violation.

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The simple reason behind all of these violations is the “rush”. You must take a break and take control of your aircraft. You must always keep track of your speeed. Remember, you must fly less than 250kts below 10,000ft, and 400kts over 10,000.

So if you are in a rush, I won’t recommend playing it unless you have time. This happened to me before.


@Jack_Gallant. MaxSez: Violations by type are listed in the IF Home Page in your “Flight Log”. Check it out. Regards, Max

As people have said, check your replay, it does show when you got the vios.

Ok, to re iterate
I got 1 violation in the air, and that because I was at 265 kts ( I set my A/P to 250 however obviously didn’t get there in time)
When I got on the ground, parked and stopped I locked my iPad instead of pressing end flight
I then went back later, realised that locking it didn’t bring the loading screen like it used to ( haven’t played in a few mon the) so I then ended the flight
When I ended the flight I had 4 violations

What were the other violations for?

I think u need help rather with how to see ur reply. Everyone is correct. U need to check ur replay out. Also if im not wrong, u can see what vios u got in the logbook if u click on them.

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