Guys, I need help. I was flying on expert server from KATL to TNCM on a Delta A321-200. I stepped away for about 6 minutes while climbing to FL380. I come back, and I have 5 ghosting and down to Grade 1 from Grade 3. Someone help!

Unfortunately, system generated violations can not be reversed unless it was an issue with the sim itself. Leaving your flight unattended during climb isn’t a good idea. Sorry for the inconvenience 🙁


Here is the replay. The take off was bad because I forgot to calibrate and the winds were crazy. Nav mode was set and V/S was 2300.

And the speed you set the AP to? I haven’t checked the replay yet, and it doesn’t reveal the air speed so.

The speed IAS right before I left was 315kts

That is too fast for the A321 since the autopilot has some problems. I recommend 300kts for the A321.

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Can you re-upload the replay? It’s blank and not loadable.

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