I have a question.

So on March 13, I gained 8 violations. It has been more than 24 hours but now it only says 6. How long will it take for the violations to go away and how does it work.

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Depends on what line you’re looking at. There’s one that looks back 24 hours and another 7 days.

They’re based on the exact time you received them.

They never fall off your record, they just cycle outside the lookback window eventually.

For example, if you receive a violation at 1200Z on 3/13, it will stop affecting last 24 hours on 3/14 @ 1201Z, and last 7 days on 3/20 @ 1201Z.

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I’m looking at the 24 hour ones. Basically, I gained 8 violations on March 13, 2019. It stayed the same on March 14, 2019. Now on March 15, 2019 it says I have 6 violations for the 24 hours. How long does it take for the violations to go away?

As I said before, they don’t go away, they just cycle out.

But, you can’t just look at the date. You have to look at the exact time, because it’s a full 24 hours, not just a date change.

What is your callsign?

I change my call sign often, should I tell you my current one?

yes, please. As well as your display name in-app

Display Name: Captain Walker

Ok this might sound like a joke but; Malaysia 370

You’re not the only one, trust me. I see MH370 all the time.


So, you have 9. Most of those turned 24 hours old at 1800Z today. Only 1 should still be active, an aerobatics violation received today at 2130Z.

If it still shows you have more than 1 in the last 24 hours, usually they suggest a quick spawn and fly for a minute or so on Casual then close out of the app and return.

Do verify, though, that you’re not looking at violations for the last 7 days, because those won’t roll off until the 21st at 1800Z.

Oh yeah about that aerobatic violation. I went in for a landing and my plane crashed due to loss of control. So while it showed the crash screen it was giving me violation warnings even though I wasn’t flying. Then it gave me a violation even though I wasn’t controlling anything. Is that a bug?

If your plane takes a steep dive near an airport, that can trigger the aerobatic violation. If you’re trying to get out of the flight before that happens, make sure you click on end flight rather than just going to the home screen or something. That will stop the flight before the nose dive and the violation.

Ok I just want to thank you for all your help and letting me know how the simulator works. Thank you very much!

No problem.

We all have violations from when we first started. The trick is to figuring out why and then they’ll be a thing of your past. Good luck

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