I got 5 violation while in flight for speed but I was above 11000MSL I was going at 270-280 knots I want to know why I got these violations I will admit 2 of them where legit because at that time I was already below 10000MSL

I’m sure one of the staff members can check your violation log, can we get a callsign and/or username?

Screenshot you logbook please

Yes my call sign is N104ED and user name is Eriel Gonzalez

Ok, now wait for a staff member to see this and then give you are more detailed explanation of your violations.

I can get one here right now.
Or shal we wait?

I was also given 3 at the same time as you can see

Interesting, I’m gonna get some staff,
@DeerCrusher @MishaCamp


I believe if you do not slow down, a violation is given every 15-20 seconds, so that could all have been in the same minute.

Thank you so much

Hey there,
To avoid any speed violations, simply reduce your speed when at an altitude close to 10,000ft, less than 250kts. These mistakes could occur often.

Well that’s really not fair, because they give you time to slow down

Yeah I understand

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If you look, he got them above 10k and 3 at the same second

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It’s 20 seconds apart

Ok so te first three I imagine it’s when i was above 11000msl

What speed were you at?

Do you have proof that you were above FL 100? If so. You can show it to them to get them reversed


Sadly I don’t have proof the only pictures I have is of a plane stalling next to me