Hello, Infinte flight community so I was flying today and my plane stalled because I was using the app Infinte Passangers. I did not know it would start to stall and give me 6 violations I demand to have them removed at this moment so I can keep flying in Infinte a Flight.

Violations are not to be removed unless there is an issue with the game which caused you to receive them. Since in your case you stalled, it is a pilot error and you’ll have to wait 7 days till they expire.

Next time be more careful and plan your flight more accordingly, and additionally, when flying heavier flights, remember to step-climb.


It is a issue with the game. I never violate the rules I never fly over speed.

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Just remove them someone.

  1. Wrong topic and area that you posted in.

  2. Infinite Passengers has a WARNING that tells you to turn off emergencies while flying on the expert server because of this problem. It’s not IFs fault you used a third party app that effects your gameplay.

  3. Don’t ever demand. It’s poor taste. Take it as a learning lesson and move on.


Hello Charlie,

As Captain JR says violations aren’t removed. If you leave your callsign and display name a moderator may look into it for you but I can assure you very rarely is there an issue with the app which causes violations so keep this in mind.

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If you stall then I’d assume that is your responsibility to keep check of your plane so it doesn’t fall out of the sky, am I sorry. It happens to the best of us. Even I have stalled and received violations before. And 1 week isn’t forever, so they will expire soon.

You demand…? We’re all here to learn and have a little fun along the way… or just stay on casual server…

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My call sign is Jersey 927 and my User name is Charlie Meier

Hi Charlie,

Unfortunately we’re unable to remove violations unless you have direct evidence that the app (Infinite Flight) and not Infinite Passengers, has a flaw with the violations system. If you’re able to provide steps to reproduce an issue that led you to receive these violations then we will consider removing them. But until then, we cannot remove the violations. Thanks for the understanding.



Here evidence.

This is why you stalled…


so it was not Infinte passangers I learned. It was something after takeoff but I was there and all the sudden it spammed 6 violations like a glitch or something.

What was your Altitude and Speed at the time of receiving these violations, if you can remember?

It was 250 KTS with 10,400 feet…

Being dealt via PM