Hey I Have an question I got 6 violations at last week T Tuesday 29.01.2019 and today are 7 days do the Violations go away at the 8 day ?

They should expire just about now since itโ€™s now 17:23 UTC!

ah okay right the time zones ๐Ÿ˜…

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restarted the game and i am back to Grade 4 okay than i will delet this thanks


I believe the violations do not expire on the 7th day, but after the 7th day.

Obviously not according to the post above yours saying they expire on the 7th day

They expire 7 days after you get them, not 7 days after the day you get them.

Today at 17:14 UTC time it will fall off

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i think i will not delet this ther are i think many guys that have questions about that and will need the answers here

Itโ€™s now 17:29 UTC

yeah its already done i am back at Grade 4

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