Hello first I know that violations are not removed unless under a glitch or something like that. I do not think it was my fault as I started the flight from Doha to Los Angeles around 0700Z and I went to sleep with plenty of fuel. I woke up got ready and left. I checked everything and everything was fine. and I just came home and I saw I crashed and accumulated six violations and I crashed. I made sure I had enough fuel and so I do not know why I crashed and got six violations. Can someone help me?

What was your cruise altitude and speed?

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What server is this? Expert servers violate speeds in a certain altitude.

FL400 and cruise was at m 0.83

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The Violations were due to a crash.

What was your aircraft?

To add onto @Joseph007 … What are you classing as enough fuel? Remember changing wind conditions and altitude directly have an impact on the amount of fuel you burn

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777-300er was my A/C

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16 hr flight so 18 hrs of fuel. also no pax or cargo

Alright so speed it fine, .83 is an acceptable speed for a 77W. But depending on what your load or how heavy you were, FL400 would probably be too high IF you were too heavy. Do you know how much fuel you had left before you left?

Does your logbook give you an hour reading as to how far into the flight you got?

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I was almost at 100% before I took off as this was a very long flight so I wanted to have extra

Did you go straight up to FL400 or did you step climb?

step climb

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What altitude did you start at?

10 hrs and 29 mins

He said he stepped climbed


I have cruised with a 77W at FL400 plenty of times and nothing happened

How did you stepclimb? What was your first altitude?

Yes, but what was your first altitude?