On my most recent flight I had to stop midway, so I closed my iPad. When I went to open it, I saw it was still going and I got 6 violations! How did this happen?

Could you go to your Logbook and see what your violations were for? Did you quit your flight or just turned off you ipad

Over speed in flight. I had my altitude set but not my speed. I shut it right after take off :(

Turned off my iPad

I’m now a grade one!

Your flight was still continuing on. That means your speed kept increasing, causing you to overspeed. Make sure you quit the flight before turning off your device. I believe after 5 minutes of not being on Infinite Flight during a flight, the flight will be forfeited

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Yes. The strange thing is I turned it off, not shut it but pressed the off button as I was in a hurry.

Just make sure you quite the flight next time, not just turn off your device

Ok, thanks. Do you know how long it will take until I get back to grade 3?

It should take 7 days for your 6 violations to disappear


Ahhhh. Ok. Is there anyway I can reverse it?

Unfortunately you can’t as you were responsible for the violations. You failed to set your speed, causing for your aircraft to overspeed. My apologies

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Violations are not reversed unless it is proved that it was a problem with the app.


Ok. Thanks for the help anyways.

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