There should be a thing that if you are over 9950 feet you don’t get speed violations, just got two because that I flew at 9999 feet too fast

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Be careful. Make sure you don’t fly to low. When descending I usually put 10100 instead of 10000 for that reason exactly.


Yes the rule is 10000ft or below. There is no “safe zone”. Like stated above you can put 10200 ft into autopilot instead of 10000ft. The autopilot will tend to dip slightly below 10000ft if you do that so what I do is put 10100ft. Lesson learned dont set autopilot to exactly 10000ft


If you want there to be a safe zone, change this to #features


The problem with a safe zone is you will always have this problem. No matter we’re you put it there will always be someone who got a violation for going just below that safe zone, and so it isn’t actually benefiting anyone.


We already have a safe zone. It’s anywhere above 10000ft MSL. The rules are written that way, and that way they shall stay.


And since nobody has mentioned it, this is also in accordance with reality, you cannot fly with speeds above 250 knots below 10,000ft MSL in the real world.

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Thanks everyone

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Because of changeable wind,the plane may be 9,980ft instead of 10,000ft,so l suggest you set 10,500ft

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