Hey guys, how are you ? 😀 im just wondering if i got 13 vio on 22nd January, when will i be back to grade 3 ? Is it gonna take over 7 days ? Thanks

If you got all 13 violations on January 22nd, they should all be lifted by January 29th at some point in the day.


Hey all,
I’m currently a grade 2 player instead of the usually grade 4 player that I usually am because of as mentioned by others the acrobatic violation when I crashed. The other reason was because I over sped. I sometimes overspeed in IF but there’s never any violations when it happens. My question is, is the overspeeding violation new to the training server or has it just (for some random reason) never happened on my device?
Thanks for any answers, hopefully I made sense. JamesQFA380.

You will be back on the expert server exactly 7 days or 168 hours after getting your violations.

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Overspeed violations have always existed on the Training and Expert servers. Whilst they’re not present on the cash server, they are enforced on the other two.
Exceeding 35kts on the ground, above 250kts below Fl100, above 350kts below FL280, and then it changes depending on the altitude.
Lesson here is don’t overspeed 🤷

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Hi James,

There is a short buffer between the overspeed warning and the violation itself, so pilots have enough time to slow down if they were accidentally overspeeding.

That’s probably what happened to you before, and you reduced your speed on time after the warning and before the violation. But as said above, it has always been there on training and expert servers.

@Jonathan_limento how did you manage to get 12 violations in one day?!

U were at the runway for a long time maybe or u said u didn’t even pushback probbaly a glitch

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