Can I see somewhere where I got my violations? I made it back to grade 2 today and don’t want to mess it up again.

You can go to your grade table, found on Profile Card in the top right of the home screen. After that, click on your grade, and it will show the stats until the next grade.

Or if you are looking for what violations you received, you can find those on your logbook. Press on the flight to see the details of the violations.


Also, this topic has some general guidelines for violations:

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Thanks guys, I appreciate your help. I’m a 42 yr old from the UK I’m not here to waste your time :)


A spring chicken then. No go over 35kts on a taxiway, don’t dawdel on a runway, don’t go over 250kts <10,000ft, don’t overspeed over 10,000 - this depends on height winds etc and don’t do acrobatics near an airport. Think that’s them all.
Edit: sorry someone beat me to it. Just call me a parrot.


No worries, we are here to help newcomers. Great to see you here!


This can also help (I hope) :)

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