Hi was flying from YSSY-YSWG on the training server in a Q400 and as i was on climb out to 25000ft and as i was in climb out my internet connection disconnected so I waited and it would not reconnect so I exited IF when I went back on I discovered that I am now grade 1 so if someone can help that would be great



If you head to your log book, you will be able to see the flight that has occurred violations. Click on the ‘i’ and it will explain what the violations where for.

If you can send a screenshot here if you don’t understand that would help also. :)

The violation was for overspeed but for some reason the violations happened when I was disconnected from the internet

What speed where you cruising at in the Dash 8? The Dash 8 has a lot lower maximum speed than other airlines at higher altitudes.

I was cruising at 220kt 25000ft

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That’s very intresting, my internet disconnected about an hour ago almost causing a crash on my approach to Las Vegas. Wait for a staff member to look into this for ya, I am sure there will be a resolution if it was on their end.

You probably got ghosted, that’s the reason it shows you’re disconnected.
Happened to me twice a long time ago

You were actually closer to 320kt.

At FL240, you were going 394kts ground speed.
Once you reached FL250, 395kts ground speed.

The equivalent airspeed at these altitudes is somewhere around 280kts, unless you had an unusually high tailwind. But the recent winds aloft at those altitudes around Sydney have barely been above 10kts…


Wait what I set my auto pilot to 220kt and FL250

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Hey, chris tha actually happened to me twice n i was crusing in a 789 n was @32000,speeds @315 n yea it made me go down to a grade 1 after i got disconnected from WI-FI

So what happens can Infinite flight get rid of them or do you just have to live with this for a weeks as think this is unfair that this happens and it can’t be removed

Yea i just waited my 7 days n got the grade 3 again sadly

So basically I have to wait 7 days because of my wifi

Yea unless there’s a way the staff can actually take it off…thas why i lowkey started to screen record everytime i play so when it happens again u can just send them a vid of the problem

True but that will just ta,e up so much storage but I should really start doing that

Dont feel bad, most of us have been there. Infinite Flight’s policy seems to be that only violations that are caused because of something wrong with the app can be removed.

Even if you did set the autopilot to 220 knots, it’s your responsibility to watch the aircraft in critical stages of flight. I know this wasn’t on purpose, however that’s the risk you run when you leave your device alone. Sorry!

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Yh I don’t know I’ll be very ANGRY if they can not get rid of it