So I landed at SFO just a minute ago I taxied over to a gate at 25knts and as I was on the ground I got up to go use the bathroom as I was holding it in just to land (the things i do just to land lol). As I was gone I fell though the floor and tacked up 6 violation as I was in the bathroom. Should this count as a proper violation or as a glitch with the game. My callsign was American 707 and my display name was CaptainJack-VPAG

You don’t fall through the floor like that, it’s while taxiing that it happens. It wouldn’t happen after you had already parked…

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I was moving forward I guess as I did not apply the breaks but regardles u dint fall the earth in real life.

This is an issue that you experienced and the violations may be removed. A moderator should reply shortly. Meanwhile try this

  • Clear Scenery Cache (Found in settings) (Not while flying)
  • Restart App
  • Uninstall and re-install app
  • Restart device
    It has worked for me in the past and I believe there is no known issue at KSFO

Thankyou for the advice and I did uninstall and re install the app.

Please also provide your callsign and display name.

I have when ahead and done that, Thankyou

Can you send a screen shot of your violation screen please from the logbook?

I see a profile for CaptainJacksonVPAG, is that yours?

Yes sir that is me and I will show a screen shot of my violation screen.

I am asking for your logbook please where it shows the times of your violations.

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Ahh ok sure.


I got San Francisco and Miami mixed up some how lol. But you can still the violations.

I’m afraid what you said in your original post does not match with the data we are seeing.

You received six violations for speeding.

However, your flight was at the Miami airport. (all times zulu) At 7:19pm you took off on runway 12 from MIA, turned south over the bay before heading West. At 7:29 pm you were going 450kts ground speed at 16,371 feet. From there it looks like your plane started to dive around 7:31 pm where your ground speed was 680 kts.

I see no evidence that these violations are a result of a defect and will not be reversing them.


I will send you screenshots of my landing at MIA that I took.

And after I landed I fell through the floor. 🤔

That was in solo mode, violations are not given out in Solo.

Oh well I fell through and then said I was overspending. Then I left once I got back. So I then took off from Miami and went to sleep and woke up with my phone off so I got the violations after I went to sleep???

What does your logbook say for the solo flight?

There is a solo logbook?

Yes from the logbook screen on the left there is a tab for solo flights. Can you provide a screen shot of your flights there so we can see?