Greetings to All Pilots,

I have been doing some overnight flights in order to increase my overall grade. Unfortunately I have crashed last night while sleeping. I am having currently x6 violations in last 24 hours against max of 5… was grade 3 and now back to grade 1… My question is there is the 24 hours violations and there is the 7 days violations… I have a problem in the 24 hours violation does this mean within 24 hours I will be able to get back to grade 3?

Thank you all much appreciated!!


You have at least two parameters stopping you from Grade 3 at the moment.
First it’s 24hrs and 7 day violations. Maximum amount of violations for the past 7 days for Grade 3 is 3 violations.

Then you have your Violations/Landings (12 months) ratio that will stop you from getting Grade 3 at the moment. You need to have a <0.50 ratio for Grade 3. That means, more than twice the amount of landings than violations. In your case with the current amount of violations you have, you will need to have 39 landings to achieve Grade 3.

This is a really great topic made by one of our community moderators that everyone should read. It explains the Grade table very well!


Thank you for your quick response!

Okay does this mean I can go to the casual server and do some touch and goes? Will this help? Regarding the violations I guess that I will have to wait for at least a week…

Yes to both of your questions :)

The touch & goes will help improving your ratio. But you still need to wait a week before reaching Grade 3. 24hrs for Grade 2.


Cool ! Will work on it

Very much appreciated!


Do you know how you crashed, if so, and if they’re preventable you should take those errors into account for your next flight. :)


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