Hi everyone,
I have been reading up on violations and unfortunately the chat rooms are now locked so I have needed to create a new thread.

I am new to the online version, and the last 2 flights i have had on the training server have resulted in me getting 6 violations each time. After reading what the violations actually are, I am currently on my third training server flight and have not received any violations…touch wood.

Basically, I’ve read that it is a violation to go above the ‘overspeed’ …speed… when you are but I’m wondering if I disobey just this one rule as to get to my destination faster, will I only receive one violation or a whole heap just for one wrong doing?

I hope that all makes sense!


Just go slower, be patient.
You will get one every minute or so, so it depends on the amount of time that you are going too fast for.

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Hi Jake,
The violations start with a warning, and then they will begin racking up, one every 10 seconds. After 6 I believe, you will get kicked from the training server. If you have any more questions I will be happy to answer them.

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Remember these and you will be fine.


Runway idle is no longer a violation though.

Source: Me leaving IF on for 3 hours on the runway accidentally


Which sever

Also you only get this on expert where you go and sit on the runway without permission

just take it easy, see tutorials that the infinite flight channel has on YouTube, research a little more on how to play the IF and bet that in a few days you will be flying perfectly

I was on expert. It wasn’t a controlled airport or anything but it still happened.

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