So many violations within seconds of one another? Excessive?image

Yiu received those violations over a course of 2 minutes.

The first one you got was at 15:58 and the last one 16:00

You have 20 seconds to correct your mistake by slowing down to ensure you don’t get any violations. That is enough time in my opinion.

From the second you get the overspeed warning in yellow, that’s when the clock starts ticking, 20 secs later you got 1 violation, then 20 secs later your 2nd, and etc…

Not mandatory questions to answer but could give a little but of insight why you overspee unless you’re aware of why it happened!

  • Did your plane perhaps stall or were you just throttling up too much?
  • At what altitude were you when receiving the violations?
  • What aircraft were you flying?

Nope that is completely normal, just don’t overspeed a lot next time :)

20secs for each vio


I had it on AP and didn’t watch it for a few minutes while I was working. Something happened to turn AP off and the plane made a very rapid descent, causing over speed.

Could be that your plane stalled. You flew to high for your weight of the plane. So the AP disengaged and you dipped down, maybe…

Violations will not be removed unless there is evidence of a system issue that resulted in the violation.

The best advice is to not leave the device unattended during critical phases of flight. We’ve all been there at some point and just wait a few days and they will roll off.