Looking for some help…

I was a grade 4 and have been for some time. Today I was starting my decent into Malaga and had to rush our to an emergency (dog ran off in the road) and ended up getting 6 violations for speed which is understandable. But obviously this was a complete accident and am now grade 1. Can this be rectified by anyone if they review my flight?

Thanks in advance

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All you need to do is wait a week for the violations to pass, keep flying like normal and then you’ll be back at grade 4

I’d quite like to use the expert server and atc within the next week though…

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Well unluckily for you you can’t, sorry mate but it’s casuak for a week

I’m sure one of the admins of mods can adjust…

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These things happen, it was just an accident, it doesn’t make you bad, just makes you look bad

Hmm… it’s annoying though because I can’t bare playing on the casual server

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Yeah I know, just let this weeks pass and bounce back

Hmm. I’d prefer it rectified as I’d like to be a grade 5 at some stage and those violations mess with my stats.

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Sorry mate, I don’t know what I can do, do you want me to flag the post so a mod can talk to you?

Never mind I already did so they could change it to support

Cheers mate

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Can anyone help?

I would PM a moderator and tell him what happend.

Normally you have to wait a while like a week. I understand it’s very annoying. I would think that u would have to just be patient and wait. If it doesn’t change then contact support definitely.